Three Things To Discuss When You Plan To Plead Guilty To A DUI

A guilty plea still means that you must have proper council if you plan to get through the legal system appropriately. Pleading guilty to a DUI charge can have many outcomes. You want to make sure that you have the best possible outcome for your case and for your future. This will require speaking with a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in order to figure out the next steps. here are three things to discuss with your attorney when you plan to plead guilty to a DUI attorney. 

How does your background play into the case?

Having a good background, especially a background with no legal issues and strong work in the community can play well with your case. Having a background that features some legal trouble before the DUI can have negative effects on whether or not you get a harsh sentence. Talk to your DUI attorney about your past and have them assess what your line of defense needs to be and what the possible outcomes of your case look like. 

Will character witnesses help?

At times, character witnesses will help you when you are in court. Friends, bosses, and community service co-workers drafting letters on your behalf make things better for you while in court. A person who has a lot of character witnesses who are interested in speaking on their behalf may get a lighter sentence, especially if it is their first legal offense. If this is the first offense, peoples good opinion of you may change the weight of your punishment. 

Is a no contest plea better?

Typically, there are a number of different pleas that you can enter when you are charged with the crime. You can plead guilty, not guilty, an Alford plea, or a no contest plea. No contest means that you are not contesting the evidence that the prosecution has, but you are not pleading guilty to the crime. Ask your attorney before you enter a plea to determine which is best in your circumstance. A no contest plea provides the possibility of a record expungement under certain circumstances. If your state offers expungement at different times throughout the year, you may be able to apply to have the case taken off of your date. If your desire it to one day have this case completely off of your record, come up with a strategy with your attorney to determine the right kind of plea to enter. 

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