Who Is At Fault In A Motorcycle Accident?

When you bought your motorcycle, your only thought was likely the hours of enjoyment you'd have riding it. The shock and pain of a bike accident can upset you and cost you money. As you recuperate, your thoughts may drift to whether a lawsuit is a valid way for you to seek justice or reimbursement for related medical bills. To be successful, though, you're going to need to target the appropriate person or party. The vehicle driver that struck down your bike is the likeliest defendant, but they aren't always the only person who acted improperly. Who else is at fault in your motorcycle accident?


Your own actions, of course, could be related to the accident. You may realize that and could be avoiding learning more about a lawsuit because you blame yourself. However, in some states, you may still get a reward according to what the court decides is your fault percentage. For instance, if you know you shouldn't have been driving without your helmet and were struck by a sedan, instead of getting 100% of actual damages, 75% of damages could end up being rewarded.

Motorcycle or Car Manufacturer

Often, vehicle recalls exist for problems with a bike, car or truck that could result in accidents. It's possible that you or the vehicle driver were operating a vehicle that was already known to the manufacturer to have these kinds of issues. Sometimes class-action lawsuits happen because of recalls and similar problems, so if you do take action, your lawyer will investigate both vehicles to determine whether they are affected.

Vehicle-Owning Companies

If the car involved in your bike accident was rented, the rental company and not the driver could be responsible. For example, if the rental company failed to have proper maintenance on the car done and that caused the accident, they are to blame. If a truck was the vehicle to hit your bike, similar negligence could have taken place with the company involved.

Product Manufacturers

Being hit by a commercial truck can present another possible culprit. If products aren't properly stacked, wrapped or prepared for transport, and then roll or spill off the truck, you could be affected on your motorcycle. If that happened, the manufacturer should also be held liable for your injuries.

You are likely to require some guidance from a motorcycle accident attorney. Discuss your bike incident and work alongside them to get your settlement.