Why A Driver May Still Be Liable For Your Accident In A Work Zone

If you have been injured in a multi-car accident in a work zone (an area with ongoing road works), it may be tempting to automatically hold the road contractor liable for your damages. However, auto accident liability is not always that automatic. In fact, there are clear scenarios where the driver you collided with may be solely liable for your damages. Here are a few examples of such scenarios:

The Driver Was Speeding

It is advisable to drive through a work zone at a reasonable speed because the risks of an accident are higher at a work zone as compared to other road sections. Note that there may be debris on the road, the air may be filled with dust from the construction, and there may be diversions since some sections of the road may be blocked. Therefore, a driver who enters the work zone at a high speed can easily crash into other road users, and if you are injured by such a driver, they should compensate you for your losses.

The Driver Was Distracted

A distracted driver who causes a car accident will be liable for the ensuing damages whether or not the accident has occurred in a work zone. However, the risk of causing an accident due to distraction is higher in a work zone than it is in other sections of the road. Even taking your eyes off the road for a second can send you crashing into a barrier. Therefore, explore this possibility if you have been hurt by a motorist in a work zone.

The Driver Ignored the Construction Warnings

Road contractors typically put up barriers and warning signs to reduce the risk of accidents around their work areas. For example, if a trench remains unfilled at the end of the workday, the workers may block the lane with the trench and put up a warning on lane diversion. However, drivers who don't pay attention to road signs may miss such signs and crash into another motorist. In such a case, you have no option but to sue the responsible driver for damages.

The Driver Made an Error When Merging

Lastly, a driver may also be liable for your accident in a work zone because of a driving error. Take the example of a driver who attempts lane merging at an unusually high speed or leaves the merger too late to avoid crashing into other road users. In both cases, the driver's mistakes make them liable for the ensuing accident.

If you've been involved in a work zone accident, be sure to contact an accident attorney to help you seek compensation from the responsible party.